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Massage is one of the greatest things ever devised by mankind. It s the best way to relax and energize a person at the same time and the perfect way to end a day. The more stressed and tired we are the better we can appreciate the healing power of a massage. By pressing, tensing and squeezing tired limbs and stiff muscles we can restore our energy levels, lift our mood, help speed up the healing process in the case of some injuries and improve the flow of blood through the body, which improves the distribution of oxygen to muscles in need of repair.

Nude Massage London Technique

Massage can also be part of lovemaking in the shape of erotic massage or Tantra massage. Erotic massages are highly intimate experiences designed to heighten pleasure and prolong the sexual act by relaxing and arousing the body at the same time. There are many types of massages, depending on the geographical area where they have been developed and on the purpose of their developers. The basic rub has evolved over the centuries into a complex system of specialized approaches designed to serve various purposes. The most common form of massage is called the sports massage, although this is more of an umbrella term for several techniques and styles aimed at increasing physical performance, particularly among athletes. Sports massage includes the deep muscle massage, which is meant to restore circulation and help the healing process in muscles, the muscle energy technique, orthopedic massage soft tissue therapy and myofascial release. All these techniques are designed to prevent injuries, speed up the recovery process and keep the body as flexible as possible.

Swedish massage is another popular type of massage. This style focuses on long, flowing and vigorous strokes designed to energize and relax the body by promoting the flow of blood. The six basic stroke types use in Swedish massage make use of friction, rolling, kneading, percussion, compression and vibration to achieve this purpose. The style was traced back to Pehr Ling, a Swedish fencing master, who is said to have devised the basic principles in the early decades of the 19th century.

Seated massage is another style that has gained popularity in recent times. It focuses on the use of a special chair that lets the back and arms exposed, while the rest of the body is in a comfortable position. The main purpose of this style is to relieve the stiffness that develops in the back, shoulder and neck muscles. The fact that it does not involve a large massage surface has made it very popular among corporate clients who like to enjoy massage at the office.

Reiki is a massage style developed in ancient times in Tibet. Just like its close relative, the Tantric massage, Reiki involves the visualization of chakras in order to spread the healing energy from the base of the spine to the entire body. Both Reiki and Tantra practitioners learn to use soft, gentle touches and strokes that are not aimed at working the muscles, but simply at letting the body “massage” itself by promoting the flow of energy. Both are popular among the New Age movement.

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that combines the principles of massage and acupuncture into a single approach. Its basic principle is to achieve a balance between the Yin and Yang energies in the body in order to keep it healthy and fit. Shiatsu practitioners believe that Ki energy is moving through the body along certain paths, which are called meridians. The thumbs, fingers and palms are used to apply pressure to certain parts of the body with the purpose of balancing the flow of energy.

Your body is a temple

Tantra celebrates the body as a physical representation of our divine nature, designed to be cherished as much as possible. When you embrace the erotic nature of your body, you are able to transcend the physical realm and access deep spiritual and sensual truths.

The tantric body massage service

As you grow to be more in tune with your body, you will naturally become more aware of your own powerful eroticism. Tantric meditation encourages you and your partner to explore each other in new ways, using taste, scent, and sensual touch to come to a full understanding of the wonder of each other s bodies. You may be surprised at how this intimate exploration gives you greater intuition when it comes to your partner s emotional and spiritual needs. In tantra, body, mind, and spirit share a strong connection. This is one reason why tantric lovers spend so much time pleasuring and learning about the body. It is a constant source of discovery and enlightenment. Make it a priority to set aside regular time to reflect on the beauty of your body—then revel in the pleasure that comes as a result. Tantric meditation gives you permission to worship the body often, and frees you to value physical pleasure in your relationship. As you move further along your tantric journey, your bodies will become temples that bring enlightenment, joy, and unending physical pleasure.

Female erogenous areas

Men and women share many erogenous zones, but here are a few to focus on to arouse and delight your female partner:

Neck: Stroking and nibbling this area, particularly the sides of the neck, feels very erotic for your partner.

Lips: This highly sensitive area will respond well to being stroked gently with the fingertips and kissed in a variety of different ways.

Waist: Try kneading this sensitive, erogenous area with two hands or stroke with your fingertips.

Arms: Using the tips of your fingers, gently stroke the insides of the lower arms for a delicious sensation.

Hands: Lightly stroke the palms, then suck the fingertips gently for an erotic charge.

Breasts: Start by touching and caressing the entire highly sensitive breast area. When she is aroused, move to give more attention to the nipples.

Lower belly: Massage this erogenous area, including the pubic hairline, to arouse her sexual appetite.

Using the senses in massage

Although erotic massage is primarily about touch, taking time to stimulate the other senses will create an enriched experience for you and your partner. Try the following suggestions for a massage rich in sensual pleasures and erotic delights:

Sound—Play peaceful or evocative music, whisper loving and empowering words into your partner s ear, or hum directly onto his or her skin, creating a sound vibration through the body.

Taste—Have fun with food during your massage. Eat tasty morsels directly from your partner s body, or feed your partner bite-sized delights like fruit or chocolate while you are massaging.

Smell—Burn aromatherapy oils in a burner, light scented candles, or place drops of essential oils on a tissue and waft them under your partner s nose.

Sight—Watch a favorite sensual movie beforehand to stimulate the erotic mind. As the massage unfolds, slowly remove each layer of clothing in a slow-build striptease and when you re eventually naked, dance erotically for your partner. Beautify the space with flowers, aesthetic art, and stylish candles.


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